Renewable Energy/Power

Continually changing and evolving to the local market has enabled us to adapt to the wind, solar, and power market. Our innovative approach to projects has enabled us to complete a wide array of renewable energy and power projects.

Twenty Nine Palms Co-Gen Plant


The Project:

This highly efficient and state of the art 20,000sf Co-Gen facility was built to provide efficient electricity with dual natural gas burning jet turbine generators.  In addition to the electricity generated, the waste heat of the generators is utilized and mechanically conducted to provide high temperature hot water and chilled water for the 29 Palms MCAGCC base expansion.   Varied massing, integral color and split face CMU, screening and plentiful windows provide an architecturally appealing facility that is superior to typical industrial process plant design.  The facility includes two combustion gas turbines for electrical generation, boilers for high temperature hot water production, chilled water systems including absorption chillers, centrifugal chillers and cooling towers, new controls systems to manage Co-Gen functions and to integrate with existing Co-Gen control system including fiber optics, cabling and connections, electrical switchgear to distribute electrical power generated into the base grid and all electrical and communication connections.  Supporting facilities include a 250,00 gal Liquefied Petroleum Gas with above ground storage tanks to be used as backup fuel.  LEED Gold certification and state-of-the-art implementation of BIM from the onset of design ensure quality and a high level of user comfort and facility performance.