Building military facilities across the country is one of our core competencies. From military housing to training facilities, from flight operations and power plants, T.B. Penick has completed projects at over 20 different military bases across the country. The men and women who serve our country deserve facilities of the utmost quality and sustainable design. We at T.B. Penick will continue to do what it takes to ensure the quality of life for our brave men & women of the military.

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Camp Pendleton #4

  • General Contractor - Turner-Penick JV
  • Design-Build
  • 4 buildings delivered concurrently
  • 692 double-occupancy rooms
  • LEED Gold Certification​

The Project:

This project includes the design and construction of four new Bachelor Enlisted Quarters at two sites on Camp Pendleton. The 2, 3 & 4-story BEQs include a total number of 692 double-occupancy units and each has its own Community Center with a lounge, internet café, laundry, and theater area.

Penick also met all of the desirable items, such as a pavilion structure, outdoor amphitheater, picnic/BBQ areas and active sports courts, and offered several betterments, including additional picnic structures, terrazzo Marine logo at Community Buildings, additional boot wash stations, bike shelters and a larger Physical Training area.

This project also includes the renovation of three buildings for administrative offices.


T.B. Penick was responsible for all contract management, design coordination, construction field operations and quality control of self performed Structural Engineering, concrete, and rebar. A fast-track schedule was employed to allow civil and structural work while architectural design was completed, allowing for a shortened overall design-build schedule.