T.B. Penick & Sons has an extensive renovation resume and has helped rebuild several historical structures that continue to serve our communities. We have been trusted to perform construction services on some of the most sensitive structures, restoring aging buildings and preserving historical components for generations to come. We take pride in our 100+ year heritage and consider it a privilege to have an extensive historic and renovation resume.

Hurricane Sandy Beach Restoration DDC Contract #1 - Prefabricated Modular Buildings

  • $105m worth of construction completed in 87 days
  • 24/7, 3 shift work schedule 
  • The buildings included comfort stations, lifeguard stations and offices.
  • The 58 ton structures were manufactured in Pennsylvania, trucked and barged to the sites


The Project:


Along with boardwalk and beach access renovation and repair, Triton Structural built and installed 35 prefabricated modular buildings on beaches in New York City as part of a project to repair damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The comfort stations, lifeguard stations and offices sit on an elevated concrete pier above the sand with access provided by ramps.


The units were transported to Newark on semi trailers as “Super Loads” due to their size (approximately 58’) and weight (115,000 lbs). They were then barged to the beach and hoisted into place with the largest crane available in NYC. Despite tremendous logistical challenges, all of the setting work was done at night.