Renewable Energy/Power

Continually changing and evolving to the local market has enabled us to adapt to the wind, solar, and power market. Our innovative approach to projects has enabled us to complete a wide array of renewable energy and power projects.

CalPeak Power Plant

  • Met Demanding 5 Month Schedule
  • Onsite and Offsite Utilities
  • Local and Regional Government Effective Coordination

The Project:

This project involved the construction of an industrial power facility in San Diego county. The work performed included all onsite and offsite utility work, site and structural concrete, security fencing, and grading. T.B. Penick was challenged to complete this project within a five month period of time. Failure to meet the deadline would jeopardize the future of the plant, since there were certain deadlines which had to be met in order to meet public utility requirements.The job site was located on a major thoroughfare in downtown El Cajon, between two very active businesses. TBP had to ensure strict compliance with local and regional government agencies including the Regional Air Quality Control Board. Additionally, a well developed and site specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan was required by the Water Quality Control Board prior to construction.