Civil/Water/Waste Water

When it comes to tough, challenging civil or water/wastewater projects, T.B. Penick has been called to build facilities that serve municipalities and local governments, as well as the local community.

Horsethief Creek Bridge & Mojave Siphon Maintenance Road

  • 21 Day Schedule Savings
  • Wildlife Project

The Project:

The construction of the Horsethief Creek Bridge served to aid in the protection of the endangered Arroyo Toad which populates the area of Hesperia, CA. The new bridge was built to allow the endangered species to travel freely through the existing streambed while providing additional access for the State of California Department of Water Resources to the Mojave Siphon Power Plant and aqueduct.The bridge was constructed of recycled railroad flatcars supported by concrete columns. Active overhead power lines were de-activated each morning to facilitate the drilling and pouring of twenty 40’ caissons and the placement of the flatcars. Despite environmental and logistics challenges, TBP achieved a 21-day schedule savings.